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New Calf, Longest Day of the Year

June 23, 2010

The newest member of our “family” here in Mongolia was born yesterday: There’s a fuzzy, caramel-brown, and knobby-kneed calf wandering around the yard today. I think he was born sometime yesterday afternoon. My host-brother had mentioned that it’d be happening this week, and as all Mongolians seem to be able to do, he knows his cattle very well.

I’ll be doing another teaching exercise tomorrow, teaching listening this time. I think I have a better sense of how to go about teaching a listening exercise so hopefully we can make this session even smoother than the first. We’ve incorporated lots of games so I hope it’s fun, but I worry that if we have some advanced students we may be boring them.

This June has crept by rather stealthily I feel, and probably understandably so as I’ve been so caught up in absorbing all this novelty around me. I realized today that the Fourth of July is already approaching; a date that always used to seem the mid-way point (either real or imagined—I’m not sure) of summers in between school years. Even the longest day of the year has come and gone.

Summer has definitely arrived here though. No more cool afternoon rains. The grass is starting to yellow and I’d expect by August that the hills around here will start to look pretty brown. It is hot and DRY. I walk out my door in the morning to head to school and the moisture is just sucked right out of my mouth. By the time I walk into the secondary school building, I’m usually downing a mouthful of grit and dust. Still very beautiful in a wild west kind of way.

All my best,

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