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Bug Hatch and Protected Species

June 28, 2010

There’s been some kind of bug hatch this weekend. It mostly just makes me miss Caddis season in the Arkansas River Valley—it feels like I should be grabbing my rod and heading to the nearest body of water. Unfortunately I haven’t seen a single one, moving or otherwise, since I got here. There are indeed rivers here, somewhere, and many of them have the fabled Taiman (a giant salmon that can apparently grow up to 5 feet long and weigh in excess of 200 pounds). Adventurous fisherman from the US and UK pay vast sums to be led to these particular fishing holes, but I really have no idea if I’m near them. Then there’s the problem of legality. In order for me to fish, I think I have to get some kind of special license for foreigners and I have no idea where or how to obtain this.

As it is at the moment then, the bugs are mostly just a hassle. They always seem to congregate around the doors of your homes and rush in as soon as you give them the chance; just small enough, you worry you’ll inhale them and sometimes you do.

Yesterday some fellow Peace Corps Trainees and I went on a nice hike and came across a young falcon that had been pushed out of the nest by it’s syblings.

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