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Ger Building

August 11, 2010

A quick few posts because interesting things come in twos here in Mongolia. I had the pleasure of watching and helping set up the new volunteer’s ger here in our training site. As of August 15th, there will be a volunteer stationed here and their hashaa family has been building the new ger over the last few days. The process is not unlike setting up a tent. First you have to site the ger, find some even ground, then comes the floor setting (pictured), and then it starts to get a little tricky. We spent lots of time adjusting the dirt underneath the wood floor so that it would all be even, and after that, you set up the inside as you want it without anything around it. The ger door is much too small to squeeze furniture through, and most people have large appliances in their gers as well (refrigerators, maybe even a small oven). It’s a rather strange thing to see a home all set up and cozy but without a thing between it and the clear blue sky. After you’ve got the business end of the ger set up, the latticework frame is built around the furniture and appliances. Then the whole thing is covered in a felt or canvas covering (heavy felt in the winter, canvas in the summer), which is tied to the frame with long rope bands wrapped around the entire structure. Did you get all that?! I expect to see some gers in all of your backyards when I get home.

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