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Mr. Hitchcock’s Gobi

October 26, 2010

In honor of Halloween, I’ve dedicated my classes this week at the mine to showing Mr. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho. My students expressed some interest in American movies and media being used in our classes, and this week seemed the perfect time to start that. I’ve not for a moment forgotten how much I love that movie, and the chance to watch it with a group of people truly experiencing it for the first time has really just enhanced my affection for it. It’s a classic that’s so ubiquitous in American movie culture that you’d be hard pressed to find someone that’s not familiar with the movie’s “twist,” or that doesn’t know exactly what’s coming when Marion Crane steps into the shower.

The movie uses wonderfully simple dialogue that’s perfect for an intermediate level English class, and the music is just so incredibly expressive that you almost don’t even need the words to convey tension, fear, terror, insanity, etc. In short, it’s perfect for an English class. Honestly, I spent most of our time watching them watch the movie, being delighted at their looks of interest and surprise at a movie that most people at home just wouldn’t have the patience for anymore. As I say, the movie is just too well known and I was pleased to see a masterpiece like Psycho being enjoyed in the spirit with which it was first intended. It wasn’t a film study, or an analysis of bird symbolism in the movie, or a commentary on the effect of psychiatric care in America–it was a horror movie that was suspenseful, frightening, gruesome, and just the slightest bit titillating.

Miss you all.

All my best,

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