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Bow-WOW: Gobi Sun Dogs

January 22, 2011

Dorky title, I know, but I couldn’t resist.

These are shockingly common here, or at least it’s seemed that way through most of January. According to the Wikipedia article, the phenomenon occurs when hexagonal ice crystals are prevalent in the atmosphere on very cold days. The crystals act as prisms, bending the light and reflecting it back giving you the effect you see here. Today’s pair seemed particularly photo-worthy.

Also, I’ve got a picture of my ger in the winter here too. We’ve had a few dustings of snow lately, but I assure you it’s nice and warm in there. The big blue vestibule attached to the front is called a ping. It keeps the wind from blowing straight into my ger whenever I open the door, and I can also store meat in it, keeping it nice and frozen until I need it.

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