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Hiatus, Illness

March 27, 2011

Dear readers,

My apologies for the long break in entries here. I was quite ill for about two weeks and was sent to the aimag to recover. I assure you all, I’m healthy now.

Getting a chest x-ray in Mongolia was a little bit of an experience though. I wandered into the hospital in the provincial capital, and without so much as a scrap of paperwork, was able to talk the radiologist into taking a picture of my insides. One brief moment of shirtless-ness later, I got a nice big picture of my lungs as a souvenir (just to make sure I didn’t have pneumonia).

I’ve since returned to site, just in time for spring break! Couldn’t have timed it better, but I’ve still been going in to school to help students prepare for Mongolia’s academic olympics. Every subject is represented, including English, and the best students from each small soum (the smallest administrative district in Mongolia, basically like a county) all go to the province capital to compete. The winners of that competition then go on to compete at the national level in UB.

The break has been a good time to get some reading done as well, which has been quite nice. I’m headed up to the province directly north of me to visit some friends this coming week. I’ll try to get some pictures while I’m there, and I’m sure there will be stories to tell upon my return.

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