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Walk, A Little Lost

March 28, 2011

Things were quiet today so I took a walk to my favorite spot. Just walking in the desert is a little strange, I usually feel awkward and exposed until I can make it into the hills about a mile outside of town.

I found some friends out there this time around (see below). I assumed that the herd animals would be close to town during the winter and would head out to the countryside in the summer, in search of greener pastures, but it seems to be just the opposite. I’ve started seeing lots of sheep, goats, and horses I haven’t seen for the last six months. I also got some shots from up high looking down over my site with some big dust devils in the background.

The last picture is a shot of a weather vane with a neat little system for telling wind speed. The metal flap is pushed out further along the half-crescent scale according to how fast the wind is blowing. Probably a rather mundane little tool to many, but to me, so accustomed to anemometers (and usually digitized ones at that), I didn’t realize it could be done this way.

And if I can just toot my own horn for a moment: the hills can be a little maze-like once you start wandering around among them. Part of me worries I’ll lose myself in there, but I walked out in my own boot prints just the way I’d come in a few hours earlier. How’s that for my hunter-gatherer intuition.

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  1. Kimberly Oxie permalink
    March 30, 2011 10:04 pm

    SO GLAD to hear your update……especially that you are back to good health.
    Your “walkabout” was nicely catalogued per usual – always enjoy your pictures.
    Hey, have some fun this weekend with your pals AND…………….
    Keep me/us posted on your students’ progress in their upcoming academic competitions.
    So rewarding!
    All the best from Chicagoland,
    Kimberly – Scrib, too.

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