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Jumping the Gun

May 27, 2011

Alright, so my last post was premature. I’m writing from saved battery on my computer after charging it for a few hours this evening when my neighbor started up his little gas generator. Today officially puts us at three weeks without electricity–when I think on it, probably the longest time I’ll ever have to go without power for the rest of my life. The lack of distraction has afforded some extensive time for reading though. Something in the realm of several thousand pages in the last couple of weeks would not be wholly inaccurate. I’ll leave the longer more detailed entries until I’ve got the time to write them properly. Until then, I hope some words from Uncle Walt will suffice for the time being, ones which seem remarkably pertinent to a lowly Peace Corps Volunteer as he ends his first year in country:

My spirit has pass’d in compassion and determination around the whole earth,
I have look’d for equals and lovers and found them ready for me in all lands,
I think some divine rapport has equalized me with them.

You vapors, I think I have risen with you, moved away to distant continents, and fallen down there, for reasons,
I think I have blown with you you winds;
You waters I have finger’d every shore with you,
I have run through what any river or strait of the globe has run through.
I have taken my stand on the bases of peninsulas and on the high embedded rocks, to cry thence:

Salut au monde!
What cities the light or warmth penetrates I penetrate those cities myself,
All islands to which birds wing their way I wing my way myself.

Toward you all, in America’s name,
I raise high the perpendicular hand, I make the signal,
To remain after me in sight forever,
For all the haunts and homes of men.

-Walt Whitman, Salut au Monde!

Salut au Monde, indeed.

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